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History of Pacific NW Region

The Pacific NorthWest Region (PNWR) of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) was chartered on November 15, 1959, originally as the Washington region. It was founded in December of 1959 by Gene Rideout and Bruce McCassey. Their intent was to bring together people interested in discussing the technical details of their cars, beyond what they could get learn from the local dealerships of the time.

Initially, the club had between 60-70 members. Many of the now Zone 6 clubs were once part of PNWR. The Washline, a mimeographed 2-page mailing, was the club's first newsletter. It was put together on a monthly basis by editor Allan Caldwell and his wife. The newsletter is now the Spiel, has evolved into a 56-page, high-quality, award-winning publication.

PNWR has also evolved. Now with over 3,800 primary and affiliate members, we offer a wide range of activities from track events such as DE and Autocross; to tours such as drives to Mt St Helen's and weekend trips to Cannon Beach; to social gatherings such as dinners at El Gaucho and an Annual Summer Picnic; as well as Concours and Charity fundraising events. And of course, like the region's founders, technical education sessions.

With over 100 events during the year, PNWR has something for every interest. As we often say, we come for the cars, and stay for the people.

PNWR Historian: Jay Gillotti contact at   

For a general overview of the Porsche Club of America, check out the PCA History section on

Fun Fact: Of the 190 original PCA Charter Members from January 1956, four were from Washington state: Gene Rideout, Donald E. Carr, Jr, LeRoy R. Caverly and Frank H. Clark.

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