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Our region has a long history of reaching out and helping others. The beneficiaries have been many and varied, and our assistance has been in the form of direct contributions as well as the time and efforts of our members. It has been a great way to bring our members together and build camaraderie. Please join us in making a difference.

Community involvement is another facet of the PNWR. Members are encouraged to give back to the community by donating time and/or money to charitable organizations.

Please help in any way you can, your support is really appreciated!

If you are interested in helping to put together a PNWR club event that will benefit a charity, please contact the Charity Chair at


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


Vehicle Research Institute - Western Washington University - 2007 to Present
The VRI is a research organization performing vehicle design, prototype construction and consulting for government and private industry. Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, fields a team of students in a competition known as Formula SAE. The student volunteers design and build their vehicles using all the resources available to the average college student: begging, borrowing, redirecting. They also invest hours of time, effort, and inspiration, as well as their own money.
Detroit’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sets the goals and establishes the rules, but the young people involved make dreams reality. The SAE goals require the students work with state of the art materials and design, but reality requires them to use typical pieces like rubber tires, gasoline, and a steering wheel.

The student volunteers are from all disciplines of the university. The common bond is the love of automobiles. The students are required to finance their plan and keep accurate records, as part of the event is a sales pitch to the judges on an imaginary "production run" of 1000 vehicles. The school receives from Boeing, and others, a stockpile of raw materials, but the students must pay for parts that are not donated by FSAE sponsors. For example they may get spark plugs but not gasoline, brake pads but not brakes, or tubing but not rod ends or hyme joints. The specialized parts must be made or researched and paid for.

VRI students work with limited funding and demonstrate outstanding commitment to produce world-class results. Our contributions have made a real difference in the options they can embrace and has allowed them to more effectively compete. For more information, visit the VRI website. Watch the PNWR home page and calendar for upcoming events.

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