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The intensity of the driving, variety of maneuvers and objective feedback from timing makes it one of the most valuable driving activities around.
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Autocross consists of a one car at a time making runs against the clock on a closed course marked by cones. Each run takes about one minute. Speeds are low to medium, generally below 70 mph and driven in second gear. Time penalties are added for disturbing cones or skipping gates.

At the end of each event, the best time in each class earns 100 points. Slower finishers get reduced points based on the difference between their best time of the day and the best time in the class. The first driver with 600 points wins the class for the year -- if no driver earns 600 points during the year then the driver with the highest point total wins the class.

You do not need to compete for points to drive, and you don't have to drive in every event whether you compete or not. However, autocrossers generally don't have a problem when it comes to driving in too many events -- once you try it, you'll be hooked for life and end up with vastly improved driving skills as a result.

Not a PNWR member or don't drive a Porsche? Events are open to Porsche drivers, PCA members in non-Porsches, BMW-CCA members and guests of PCA members. You do not need to be a PNWR member to compete for points, but points are not assigned in the Time Only Class (non-Porsches and a few drivers not running in the regular classes).

Question? Contact Paul Hagger at or 425-681-1471.

4 Runs + Fun

Each driver gets four runs, competing for time against the other drivers in their class. Following competition, drivers may be allowed additional fun runs, time permitting.

Time v Time

Classes are determined by vehicular performance potential and level of modification. Classes are open and women's. There are a number of women that compete in the open classes against the men.

Need a Hand?

Even if you're a complete novice, our region is fortunate to have some truly great instructors. Which makes autocross (along with Driver Skills) a wonderful way to start bringing your driving skills up to the capabilities of your Porsche.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Autocross > Registration

Autocross pre-registration is via an online system, however fee payment, work assignment, timing card distribution and final registration will continue to occur onsite at the event. Be sure to check in at the registrar station when you arrive.

Online Autocross Registration

Pre-registration is available online, and will be available on an event-by-event basis three weeks prior to the event date. This gets you into the timing system, allows us to estimate a head count and class breakdown helps expedite onsite registration. Online registration closes at approximately 7 p.m. the evening prior to the event.

All attendees must be a either a member of PCA, BMW-CCA, or an invited guest of a PCA or BMW-CCA member. If you have invited a guest to attend, please inform Paul Hagger at


Fees are payable onsite by cash or check. Prices are per driver.


PCA Members
$30 - pre-registered
$35 - registered day of event (onsite)


$35 - pre-registered
$40 - registered day of event (onsite)

Autocross > Track

Bremerton Motorsports Park

All non-August autocross events are at Bremerton Raceway. A map and driving directions are posted on the official Bremerton Raceway web site, along with links to area hotels and other information about the facility.
Please obey all speed limits on the road leading to the track so that we do not lose access to this facility. Road construction (anticipated to start in July) will change track access and entry locations. We will update these directions when this information becomes available.
Food & Facilities
Events typically run until mid-afternoon. The Lion’s Club provides food concession service. Either bring cash to purchase food from the Lion’s Club, or pack your own food and beverages. Restroom facilities of the portable variety are provided.
These are a number of gas stations close to the motorsports park. The Quick Mart by the track no longer sells fuel. There is a gas station one exit before the track, as well as in Port Orchard and Bremerton.
  • Fuel weighs around 6 pounds per gallon, and you'll go faster if your car weighs less -- something to do with power to weight ratio.
  • Driving with a full 20-gallon tank is like having an extra passenger along for the ride.
  • Some veteran autocrossers have been known to try to arrive at the track just as their "reserve" fuel light comes on.
  • You'll probably burn much less than 2 gallons during the event, but be sure you have enough to make it to one of the nearby stations.

Hampton Mills Packwood

Our events on August 19 and August 20 will be at the Hampton Mills site in Packwood Washington.
There are two main routes to Packwood.

Via Cayuse Pass (seasonal roads, not recommended for trailers), starting from Enumclaw:
Take Roosevelt Ave/WA-410 East from Enumclaw
After 40.8 miles take a slight right onto WA-123 South at Cayuse Passbr
After 16.3 miles, turn right onto US-12 West (toward Packwood/Randle)
After 7.6 miles you’ll enter Packwood.
Hampton Mills is on the left just after leaving Packwood

Trailer-Friendly/Non-seasonal route, starting from Puyallup:
Take Meridian Ave E/ WA-161 South toward South Hill/Eatonville
After 22.6 miles, turn left onto Center St. E in Eatonville
After 7.1 miles, turn left onto Mountain Highway E/WA-7 South
After 4.9 miles turn right onto WA-7 South in Elbe (toward Morton)
After 16.8 miles, turn left onto US-12 East
After 33.3 miles, Hampton Mills will be on the right just before entering Packwood

Skate Creek shortcut for Puyallup route (this route uses seasonally closed National Forest roads.
HIGHLY not recommended for trailers, or any vehicle with limited ground clearance or suspension travel):
Take Meridian Ave E/ WA-161 South toward South Hill/Eatonville
After 22.6 miles, turn left onto Center St. E in Eatonville
After 7.1 miles, turn left onto Mountain Highway E/WA-7 South
After 4.9 miles, continue straight (in Elbe) on WA-706 East (toward Ashford)
After 10.1 miles, turn right on NF-52/ Kernahan Rd E
After 22.9 miles, turn right on US-12 in Packwood.
Hampton Mills will be on the left just after leaving Packwood.
Food & Facilities
Restroom facilities of the portable variety are provided. Limited food will be available on site.
There are Chevron and Shell stations in Packwood within 2 miles of the site.
There are a number of hotels in Packwood, including Hotel Packwood, Cowlitz River Lodge and Crest Trail Lodge.
There are also many vacation cabins for rent, which can be found through sites like Destination Packwood or Packwood Vacation Rentals.

Autocross > Resources

Web sites

Western Washington Sports Car Club -
- contains listing all the other autocrosses in the area

Porsche Club of America - Autocross -
- PCA National Web site

Sports Car Club of America -

Google search for "autocross" -
- major Internet search engine pre-set search


Suggested Reading
- Bud Bohrer

Why Autocross?
- Gary Elwood

Autocross Defined
- PCA website

Autocross Driving Tips
- Kate Hughes

Go Fast: Get The Picture
- Kate Hughes

Autocross! Questions From a Novice
- Tess McMillan and Jodi Fordahl



Autocross > Rules and Info

Please read the rules and classification documents prior to attending an autocross session. To reflect the differences between a one-time event and a season series, the regional program rules have been rewritten to be independent of the PCA/PCR rules. The classes were changed in 2015, with the primary changes being the splitting of the GTO and MO classes, the prohibition of R-compound tires in the Prepared classes, and notification of a change in the definition of an R-compound tire for the 2016 season. For 2017 the tire rules remain unchanged from 2016.

Check out the Autocross folder in the Documents section of the website for the autocross rules and classes (unchanged from 2016).

2017 Autocross Season - Championship points for the 2017 season will be calculated based on the best 5 of 7 events. Please plan your schedule accordingly. All events will consist of 4 official runs with the option of additional "fun runs" after the event, if time and interest allows.


See the track info section for directions to Bremerton Raceway and Hampton Mills Packwood, as well as information on the available facilities.

Team Autocross

Review the Team Autocross Rules and try this new twist on autocross.


Each team needs to be named (be creative) and assembled no later than event #2. Signup sheets will be available starting at the February practice.

Team Make-up
  • 3 members, all permanent
  • Previous year class winners are not allowed to be grouped on the same team.
  • No time-only class members.
  • At each event, a total of the best two members points by position in class shall be scored. These two members will be termed the "scoring members".
  • Teams can discard their worst two (2) event performance (e.g., keep 7 of 9)
  • Points by position in class (5pts - 1st place, 3pts - 2nd place, 2pts - 3rd place, 1pt - 4th place).
  • Class winners are limited to 3 points if there is only one other competitor in their class (second place limited to 1 point in this case); and 2 points if they are uncontested in class.
  • If only 1 member of a team is present at an event, a 'virtual' 2nd member will be counted whose points will be the equivalent of the lowest scoring of all the opposing teams' scoring members, excluding bonus points.
  • Bonus points (at each event):
    • 1 point for the team whose member had the closest winning margin (e.g., Joe got fifth in class by beating the 6th place person by .002 seconds). Maximum margin is 10 seconds, and there must be at least 2 racers in class.
    • 1 point for the team whose member had the smallest variation in their raw run-times. Maximum variation is 10 seconds. A DNF/DNS/DSQ in any of the timed runs shall disqualify that particular team member from receiving this bonus point.
    • 1 point for the team whose scoring members have the fewest combined penalty seconds. A DNF/DNS/DSQ in any of the scoring members timed runs shall disqualify that particular team from receiving this bonus point.
    • 1 point for each team where all 3 team members compete.
    • In the case of a tie for a bonus point, all tying teams get the bonus point.

Disputes will be submitted to Paul Hagger at for resolution, as needed.


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Q. - Can we still compete if we don't get signed up by the second event?

Yes, teams that aren't onboard by the second event may still compete but, obviously, they will have no events to "throw".

Q. - What do you mean when you say the members have to be permanent?

New members cannot be added to a team. The original list of 3 is all a given team is allowed.

Q. - Can a team member change classes during the season?


Q. - Does the "closest margin" bonus point include cone penalties?

Yes. It is based on official times.


Questions? Contact Paul Hagger at 425-681-1471 or email

Daily schedule for all events

8 a.m. Registration
8:30 a.m. Tech inspection
9:00 a.m. Registration Closes
9:45 a.m. Drivers' Meeting
10 a.m. Official Runs
~2 p.m. Fun Runs (at the discretion of the event chairman)- optional
After Debrief & Dinner - optional


All vehicles must pass an on-site technical/safety inspection to participate.


All vehicle occupants must wear a helmet meeting Snell 2005 or later standards.


All participants must be on site and registered by 9 a.m.


Passengers are not allowed. The only exception to this rule is for PCA instructors either taking a passenger or riding along as one for instructional purposes.

Run Order for 2016


Time only drivers will be placed as needed to ensure each group has sufficient workers. Normally this will place them with the GT/M group. These groups or the run order may be modified by the event chairman should it be required to balance worker numbers.


Autocross FAQ

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Q. - Who can participate in PNWR autocross events?

Events are open to Porsche drivers, PCA members in non-Porsches, BMW-CCA members and guests of PCA members. You do not need to be a PNWR member to compete for points, but points are not assigned in Time Only Class (non-Porsches and a few drivers not running in the regular classes). Members get priority registration.

Q. - Where are autocross events held?

Most of our autocross events are held at Bremerton Raceway. The July events will be held at Hampton Mills in Packwood. Directions and facility info are on the autocross track info page.

Q. - When do the events start?

All events begin with on-site registration at 8 a.m. The full day's schedule is listed above.

Q. - What are the requirements for participants?

All cars must pass an on-site technical inspection to participate.

All participants must be legally licensed drivers of at least 18 years of age. 16 or 17 year old relatives of PCA members may be eligible to participate under the PCA Junior Participation Program. Contact Paul Hagger at or 425-885-3553 for further details and requirements if interested.

Q. - What are the helmet requirements for participants?

All vehicle occupants are required to wear a helmet meeting Snell 2005 or later standards. This applies whether you are driving or riding with (or as) an instructor. PCA autocross does not maintain a supply of loaner helmets, but you may be able to borrow one from a kind soul at the track, so don't let lack of a lid prevent you from trying autocross. 

Full-face and open face helmets are acceptable, and you'll get varied opinions on which is best for this event, so don't be afraid to ask another driver for a recommendation before you buy.


Each contestant must wear an approved helmet in good condition.  The helmet shell must have no structural damage and the padding must be intact.  The chin strap must not be frayed; the strap attachments must be operable and securely attached.  Face shields, when required and/or used, must be made of polycarbonate plastic or the equivalent and must be in good condition.  Acceptable approvals are the latest or next two most recent SA, SAH, M, or K Snell Memorial Foundation, FIA 8860, SFI 31.1 or BS6658-85 Type A-FR approvals.  Helmets certified to specifications other than Snell must be within 10 years of the date of manufacture.  Any Helmet acceptable for PCA Club Racing is also permitted.  For more information, see PCA Club Racing rules.  For a copy of PCA Club Racing rules write or call the PCA Executive Office or log onto and do a search for PCA Club Racing Rules. It is recommended that helmets be replaced or relined after 5 years of actual use.

Q. - What else should I bring?

Bring a tarp! You'll need to empty your car before driving it (required by the tech inspection) so that nothing loose can roll around and get to your brake pedal before you do. The "pit" is a grassy area, so most drivers spread out a tarp to put their stuff on, and then fold it over the top if it starts to rain. Autocross takes place rain or shine (or even occasionally in snow).

The Lion’s Club provides concessionaire service at Bremerton events.

Q. - What should I wear for autocrossing?

The weather at Bremerton can change quickly pretty much any time of year, so come prepared for sun (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), rain, or windy conditions.

When your group is not driving you'll be working a corner (don't fret, it's easy and you'll have lots of help -- someone has to pick up those traffic cones that get knocked down), so wear comfy shoes and be prepared to stand outside for several hours.

Q. - What does it cost to participate in autocross?

$35 per driver for PCA members, $40 per driver for non-members. $5 off if you pre-register online. The fee is payable by cash or check at the track.

Q. - Whom do I contact if I have questions?

Contact Paul Hagger at or 425-681-1471.


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